Our mission is to improve educational outcomes and achieve community success right here in Nebraska

Gallup Future Builders Challenge

Accelerate Nebraska is a proud supporter of Gallup's Future Builders Challenge, which is designed to identify and develop budding entrepreneurial talent in communities across Nebraska.

We will connect “Best Practice” Programs with local educators and business and community leaders, linking two key statewide efforts:


We will focus on education improvement and career development that provides essential and relevant skills to better prepare students for careers – becoming more productive, contributing citizens in their local communities.


We will work hand-in-hand with Nebraska business leaders and connect student talent requirements with the education system in order to build a more robust environment for Nebraska businesses and communities to grow – creating opportunities for ALL citizens to be successful.

Improve Education Outcomes
And Develop 21st Century Talent


  • Facilitate Collaboration of Stakeholders

  • Influence the Effective Use of Philanthropic, Private
    and Public Resources

  • Identify and Support Demonstrated
    Best Practices

  • Establish Performance and Result
    Indicators to Measure Success


  • Effective and Continual 21st Century
    Skills Identification

  • Build Strong Business to
    Education Partnerships

  • High Skills Talent Development

  • Advocate for Public Policy to
    Encourage 21st Century
    Talent Development
    in Education and
    the Workforce


  • Educational Accountability

  • 21st Century Skills Development and Assessment

  • Parental/Student Engagement

  • Business and Philanthropic Involvement

  • Advocate for Public Policy to Improve Educational Outcomes


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Accelerate Nebraska Board Roster

• Jeff Schmid (Board Chair), Omaha, Chairman/CEO of Mutual of Omaha Bank;

• Greg Adams, York, Executive Director of the Nebraska Community College Association and former Speaker of the Legislature;

• Dr. Ken Bird, Omaha, President/CEO of Avenue Scholars Foundation and former superintendent of Westside Community Schools;

• W. Todd Johnson, Omaha, Global Channel Leader of Entrepreneurship and Job Creation at Gallup;

• Catherine Lang, Omaha, Executive Director of the Nebraska Business Development Center and former Nebraska Commissioner of Labor and Director of Economic Development;

• Jeff Scherer, Beemer, Scherer Land & Cattle;

• Dan Shundoff, Kearney, CEO and President of Intellicom; and

• Gloria Thesenvitz, Grand Island, Founder and President of Nova-Tech, Inc.

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Kris Valentin | Interim Executive Director

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